I will be the first to admit, I love COOKIES!! Especially gooey, chewy, melt in you’re mouth freshly out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. I also love ice cream, maple syrup, peanut M&M’s, milk chocolate Clusters, and all things that are sugary goodness. But most of all I love ice cream with maple syrup, peanut M&M’s, milk chocolate clusters, and COOKIES… all in the same bowl!!!  I mean who doesn’t right? Raise your hand if you do, I can openly admit that I struggle with this all the time! On top of this, I know that once I have had one, I can feel that sugar addiction kicking in causing me to return for another fix. Its a vicious cycle. The relationship with sugar is such a love/hate one, I know there are some people out there that can easily walk by the bulk section in the grocery store and not sneak a little handful of peanut M&M’s, and if that’s you? Then lucky you! I, and many others congratulate you. I am not so fortunate. I will admit that I do love dry roasted almonds just as much, and they are much better for you! But mmmmmmmmm, sugary candies are so good too!

I mean there are all sorts reports out there that talk of the dangers of sugar and its affects on our health. It’s a very real battle. You don’t even have to search google to know that sugar is a seriously dangerous product. Yet, it is everywhere and in almost everything! it hides in forms such as Agave Nectar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Fructose, Glucose, and Many more.

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The fact that sugar is responsible for so much of the obesity that plagues our planet today is astounding. The fact that approximately 1 in 4 Canadians and 1 in 10 Children have clinical obesity is a very scary statistic. The internet is littered with information regarding the dangers and affects of sugar. It is also littered with information and research on the benefits of eating healthy foods. The challenge is finding what works for you and your family, and more so, your own reasons to be healthy. My wife and I have to really work to limit the amount of sugars we consume, I probably more than her. On top of that, is our son Augustus, right now he is young enough we can monitor and control his sugar intake. (I am curious what your thoughts as the reader are on that topic? If you have any suggestions or struggles of your own, please, please share them below!) The truth is, you could have all the money in the world but, if you don’t have your health, you won’t be around to enjoy any of it.

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So I encourage you to find your “Why” and leave you with this, as Tony Robbins states, “80 percent is knowing why. If we can gather a set of strong enough reasons to change, we can change in a minute something we’ve failed to change for years”.



PS. Tim Ferriss has a really good way of breaking down your weekly diet, It can be found here. It is an extremely easy way to monitor what you are eating each week and also rewards you at the end with a day full of all the good things I listed at the start of this post. LOL! It also says that you can have a couple of glasses of dry red wine in the evening! That is A-OK with me! Another good post that you might be interested in is this one, It discusses how to brew and drink tea! It is a great post.

Please leave your comments below! I would love to hear what struggles you face, or successes you have had, what is your “Why”?

Feature Image: Forbes