First off, if you are looking to make 2017 your B**ch this is for you! I cannot say this was an easy feat, last month my wife Nicole and I set out to complete FitazFK’s 28 day diet and exercise plan and it was awesome!! 28 minutes a day for 28 days, complete with meal plans. Diet is the key to this whole program, and for good reason, I really like that when you start to read this plan, it breaks down the process so each stage, it explains in detail and helps you understand what is happening, as well as helpful tips and tricks to increase your chances of success. Fitaz has done a really great job on the layout of this plan.

The first week or Phase 1 (the cleanse) is probably the hardest, cutting out sugar, dairy, carbs, alcohol and coffee from your diet, no fun at all, or so I thought. Until we had completed it. The nice thing about this is that you can actually feel and see the results throughout this stage. The workouts themselves are a little more relaxed in week 1 giving your body the chance to adjust and eliminate all the toxins from it.

In phase 2 (reinstatement & engage) things pick up a little bit, you are allowed to add a few things to your diet, however it is still quite strict (kind of the theme for the whole thing actually). I felt like I really started to notice a change at this stage, I felt more energetic and felt my physique was really starting to change shape.

in weeks 3&4, or phase 3 (balanced nutrition) you will sweat! but after weeks 1&2 and actually being able to see and feel results you will have the motivation to push through it. The plan is so well laid out that you know what you are doing each day, and again the workouts are only 28 minutes long! Which leaves you no excuse as to why you can’t fit this into your schedule.


All in all, I would highly recommend this plan to anyone in a heartbeat. I lost 12.7 lbs on this plan! It’s awesome! Whether you are just getting back into the gym or have been going for ages, I can promise you, you will see awesome results with this program! but don’t just take my word for it, see what many others have to say about it and follow them on Instagram @FitazFK. I am gearing up to start their recently released 8 week program!!

And to top it off! Because the guys & gals over at FitazFK are so awesome, if you purchase the FitazFK 28 Day regime and enter the promo code: AMOOSEANDGOOSE you will get 20% off!!! however, in keeping with the 28 day theme, this code is only good until March 1, 2017.