I’m Alan, husband to Nicole, and father to Augustus. And this, is amooseandgoose.com  Let’s cover a few of the basics first shall we.

First the name, a moose and goose, have you ever read Robert Munch’s children’s book titled “Moose”? Neither had I, that is, until my son was born. It is probably one of his favorite books, and mine, for good reason too. The book is really well written, and you can have a lot of fun reading it! So that covers the moose part, the goose? Well they just rhyme, and seeing as how I live up in the Great White North, I figured it doesn’t get more Canadian than that!

Next, let’s talk about why I started of all things a blog… If you had asked me about a month ago if I had any intentions of starting one I probably would have laughed. On December 22 the idea just kind of popped into my head, by December 23 I was the proud owner of amooseandgoose.com and had signed up at WordPress, I had committed, it happened fairly organically to be honest.

So, here I am. Now, what will I blog about? Well that’s simple, just read the tag line. Being a man in today’s world is hard enough, being a father comes with a whole other set of challenges. Trying to decide what is the healthiest way to raise a child? Well that can just get overwhelming! But, we do the best we can with what we have. So, this will take a look at the challenges I face as a man in today’s complicated world. My aspirations for this blog are to create something a little less serious, and hopefully something that people want to read. Simple right?

I will be posting on a monthly basis on anything related to the tagline, books I have read, products my family has tried, toys we love, toys we don’t like and struggles I face being a father and trying to grow a healthy happy family.

So that’s it! I hope you want to follow along, I hope you feel like sharing this, and I hope you will provide me with feedback as to whether I am doing anything right… or just plain suck at this! Regardless, have a great day!


M + G

Photo by: Decemberphotography.com